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【亚博电子娱乐app游戏app】【冷雪专栏】火力恐怖战术多变 全新国米携三大收获宣战尤文

In 2 rounds of Serie A, Inter Milan tested 3 teams, scored 6 points, scored 9 goals, and gained a lot. This gain can be summarized as: return to the rhythm of the official game in a good way.


Inter Milan last season ended the latest season, so this season's training camp is 2-3 weeks later than other teams. There is not enough time to prepare for the battle and to increase physical fitness, so the blue and black army can only choose weak opponents. In 3 warm-up matches, they defeated Lugano, Switzerland 5-0, Cararese 7-0, and Serie B Pisa 7-0.


But obviously in Conte's view, the match against these three teams is not a "warm-up match" at all, but a "training match". After the start of the season, Inter Milan, which is in desperate need of "match-based training", regards the first two rounds of playing mid-lower teams as a "decent warm-up match." The Nerazzurri defeated Fiorentina 4-3 and Benevento 5-2.


There are indications that Conte did not really regard the first two rounds as a big dish. Sky reporter Paventi revealed: In the time when Inter Milan was leading Benevento by a big score, Lukaku was scolded by Conte jumping on the sidelines for a mistake in losing the ball, and the Belgian was forced to go. The sideline apologized to the coach. This detail proves that Conte regards the two rounds of the league as a training game.


After the game, Conte said: With this attitude, if he fails to win, the coach is bound to encounter fierce criticism. But he did it anyway, because he had to prepare for this difficult and difficult season for many years. Fortunately, Conte’s adventures brought a lot of gains, three of which are the most important.


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In the 2 rounds of the league, Inter Milan tried a full 19 players,


The specific distribution is: 1 goalkeeper, 5 central defenders, 3 wing backs, 7 central midfielders, and 3 forwards. Considering that although some players did not play, they belonged to the “planned players” who were forced to leave the team by Conte (such as La Nokia and Pirola). Some new players are likely to come on the line (such as Damian). There are players. Waiting to play (Pinamonti), it is foreseeable that Inter Milan will have 20+ players in the new season and the lineup is extremely thick.

具体分布为:1名守门员,5名中后卫,3名边后卫,7名中场中卫和3名前锋。考虑到虽然有些球员没有参加比赛,但他们属于“计划球员”,他们被孔戴(Conte)强迫离开了球队(例如La Nokia和Pirola)。一些新玩家可能会上线(例如Damian)。有球员。在等待比赛(皮纳蒙特(Pinamonti))的情况下,可以预见的是,国际米兰在新赛季将有20多名球员,阵容极为庞大。

This is very important. Because of the new crown epidemic, the sports world has suffered a great impact. The 2020-21 season will be more difficult than the 2019-20 season. The season begins at the end of September and ends in mid-May. Excluding the Christmas holidays and the FIFA game cycle, the full play is only 27-8 weeks, but 45-50 games have to be played. Such a devil's schedule has been rare for many years. Without a sufficiently solid lineup, the Nerazzurri, a team that has short summer vacations, many injured physical players, and must fight hard for the third line, can't support it, let alone cure the "winter syndrome" that has been for many years.

这个非常重要。由于新的王冠流行,体育界遭受了巨大的冲击。 2020-21赛季将比2019-20赛季更加困难。该季节从9月底开始,到5月中旬结束。除了圣诞节假期和FIFA游戏周期外,完整比赛仅需27-8周,但必须进行45-50场比赛。这种恶魔的时间表已经很多年了。如果没有足够坚实的阵容,那支拥有短暂暑假,许多受伤身体球员,必须为第三线奋斗的球队的Nerazzurri无法支持,更不用说治愈许多人的“冬季综合症”了。年份。

In the first game against Florence, Inter Milan 3412 started. When the game was not going well, Conte changed into 4-3-X (let Sanchez, Lukaku, Lautaro play at the same time, Bergomi thinks it is 433, Liu Teng thinks it is 4312), the effect is good.


In the second game, Benevento, Inter Milan 3412 started. In the middle of the game, Brozovic replaced Sensi, and the "triangular position" of the three central midfielders became parallel positions, changing 352. At the end of the game, Erickson changed again from 352 back to 3412.


Combined with Conte's words before and after the game, he did so deliberately. He pointed 亚博app在线out: It took him a whole year last season to let Inter, who has played for many years in the 4-back system, play 352. In the bottom stage, he dare not change. But the next year he liked to keep changing. On the one hand, there are many soldiers and broad resources, and the capital is strong. On the other hand, he hopes that this group of Inter players can be competent in different formations, increase "unpredictability" and make opponents unable to target.


Harvest 3: Lightning integration of new aid


From training to now,


Kolarov is also blending in. The Serbian veteran, who made a lot of defensive errors in the first game, used a signature long pass in the second game to instigate Inter to score a fantastic start. Vidal is even more amazing. This midfielder who does not need time to integrate into the Conte system proves that he can indeed raise the ceiling of Inter midfield. In addition, when Perisic rented out like this, the trophy showroom was lacklustre, and the player who turned into the "Mr. Triple Crown" after returning to the expiration date can also bring a great improvement to Inter Milan.


In this summer when the powers were unable to spend money due to the epidemic, the Nerazzurri still had a lot more than last season to improve the team's strength, whether it is physical, technical, psychological, or temperamental.


The fact that the training camp has won all the way, the guns have been fully fired, and the many players are in vigorous condition have indeed "lowered" Inter's winning odds and "raised" the expectations of public opinion. But the Nerazzurri knows that this is just a warm-up.


The team has some problems to be solved urgently. For example, losing 5 goals in 2 games, the balance of offensive and defensive problems, in the arena of Serie A, more goals can only win word of mouth, if you want to pursue winning percentage, you must have iron defense. For example, the use of Ashraf, the Italian media put it well, "When Ashraf rushes up, it is not opponents that can stop him, but those Inter midfielders who have not learned how to pass the ball to him."


Inter Milan’s biggest and most difficult problem is the worst part of last season’s performance: strong fighting ability


At the beginning of the third round, Inter Milan will continue to face the challenges of Lazio and AC Milan, especially AC Milan, which is vigorous and highly motivated recently, will be a real test of Inter Milan's fineness. For the ambitious Conte Zhang Kangyang, for the loyal Inter Milan who has been unable to endure a decade without a title, the biggest opponent they see in China this season is the overlord who has been staring at them: Juventus. .

在第三轮开始时,国际米兰将继续面对拉齐奥和AC米兰的挑战,特别是最近充满活力和积极性的AC米兰,将是对国际米兰成才的真正考验。对于雄心勃勃的孔戴(Conte Zhang Kangyang),对于忠诚的国际米兰(International Milan)十年来一直无法获得冠军头衔,他们本赛季在中国看到的最大对手是一直盯着他们的霸主:尤文图斯(Juventus)。 。

With those two prominent giants in my heart, Inter Milan knows very well: so far, they have won 5 matches and 28 goals in training? Defeat Florence and Benevento? This is just a warm-up, a warm-up. The real season is only now starting to sound.


No one commented, but quiet


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